SmoothieCrates is passionate about smoothies. Blending up a smoothie can give you an opportunity to pack a nutritional punch with a variety of nutrient dense and cultured food. Best of all It’s a great way to be healthy; it’s quick, easy and convenient! We also believe in the thrill of adventure, trying new and exciting experiences whenever able. Combine the two together and you get SmoothieCrates, a smoothie delivery service dedicated to providing our subscribers with the chance to try new and exciting smoothies, while also packing tons of nutrients into your body. We believe that if you eat good things, and surround yourself with good, you’ll feel good. simple as that. We employ a wide range of staff, from customer service agents, to marketing staff, to production personnel. We encourage anybody who is intrigued to read on and reach out.




We don’t have any posted openings currently, but if joining our team at SmoothieCrates is something you’d like to pursue, send us an email. Current openings or not, we’d still very much like to hear from you. Information regarding future opportunities can be provided if available.


We operate in a collaborative environment, working together to provide the best service possible. Our bright sunny offices feature tall windows and are filled with friendly, hard-working, and creative individuals. We are based in Bristol, Connecticut. Our location is well serviced by the Bristol Baskets Transit Commission, with several routes within a five-minute walk of our location. 

If you have any questions regarding our locations or offices, feel free to send a word our way, we’re always “happy” to help.




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